Sunday School Classes

Adult Classes

We offer eight different adult Sunday School classes to choose from on Sunday morning. Each one offers something different!

Bible Class
Originally formed in 1975 as a commitment to intense Bible study, this class contains men and women over the age of 50. A supportive group of individuals who are in varying stages of relationships from marriage to widowhood, members use a variety of materials focused on the Bible. This group has a card ministry for all sick members of the church and provides food and medicine to community families, particularly children, who are experiencing financial difficulties. The class enjoys social get-togethers about once each quarter.

Drake Class
Members of this warm and friendly group include couples and singles that are involved in all aspects of church life including outreach, missions, and discipleship. They are very active in both church leadership and community activities that support our common Christian goals. Sunday School is taught by knowledgeable class members that enjoy sharing their gift of teaching. New members are enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged to join in Bible study, service, and Christian fellowship. The Drake class meets in the Trinity classroom located by the side entrance to the sanctuary.

Genesis to Revelation Class
This class, formed in the fall of 1999, is a self-paced study of all 66 books of the bible over an unspecified amount of time. Interested persons are welcome to join at any time, and the class circles back to Genesis at the end of the study. Estimated completion time is around six years!

Mason/Trinity Class
This class was organized in 1945 and was originally the Young Married Couples Class. Currently most members are over 60 and they welcome all visitors, couples or singles, any time.

Paul Frey Class
Class members list as their purpose “to come together in Christian fellowship to support each other, to study Biblical truths applied to everyday living, and to further the work of the church.” Members include singles and couples in various ages and stages of life. Regular social activities help members get to know each other on a deeper level. Class members rotate teaching responsibilities and teach from a variety of Christian literature and the Bible.

Coach Dula Class
Members of this class are a diverse group of young adults who are searching for God’s will in their lives. From young adults and older, they are individuals launching into life’s journeys including school, marriage, parenthood and career. Through discussion-orientated Bible study led by Shell Dula, they seek discipleship. Their fellowship together also provides opportunities to develop friendships that offer support and encouragement to each other as they discover God.

Cornerstone Class
So then we are no longer strangers…but you are fellow members in the household of God…Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-20). Members of this class are young professionals, couples and singles who support each other as they grow together spiritually and socially. Through class-led discussions centered on improving their knowledge of the Bible, this class offers a relaxed environment that encourages members to openly ask questions and share their experiences.

Jesus Is Calling Class
This class meets in the Library on Sunday mornings. Facilitated by Howard Thomes, this group studies the Word of God and is open to newcomers. This is a wonderful place to connect for the first time at Main Street.